Introduction to Indian Schools Oman

The Indian Schools in Oman have a history of more than forty years; there are more than 46,000 students hailing from different parts of India, studying in 20 Indian Schools across the Sultanate. The Schools, affiliated to CBSE, are governed by the Board of Directors under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of the Sultanate of Oman. 

Indian Schools in Oman are a consortium of schools founded with the singular aim of providing access to quality education to the students of the Indian community residing within the Sultanate. The primary objective of Board of Directors is to ensure that no Indian expatriate child in the Sultanate of Oman should be denied the opportunity of qualitative primary and secondary education at par with the national standards in India.

Underlining our diversity, the schools function and operate as non-political, secular and self-sustaining institutions.




Admin Staff

The Board of Directors, in its long-term plan - Vision 2020, envisages holistic education for the students of Indian Schools. 

Holistic Education is based on the principle that each child be nurtured and educated though both academic and non-academic means, with focus on the overall development of the child.

In order to achieve this aspiring mission, the Board emphasizes academic excellence as well as the all-round development of students by encouraging participation in sports, cultural activities, and socially responsible activities that shall transform students into educated, confident and productive individuals.

The Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman is the apex policy making body for all the Indian Schools in the Sultanate.

More details about the Board & schools can be found at www.indianschoolsoman.com

Introduction to ISOVLE

The Vision 2020 of the Board places focus on overall development of the children. The Virtual Learning Environment is a means to this end by bringing students & teachers together with the aid of new age technologies.

ISOVLE is an online platform that empowers teachers to take the best aspects of their classroom practice and transfer that into a home-based teaching and learning environment. All staff and students of Indian Schools of Oman have 24 hour access to resources and activities, facilitating extended learning experience beyond the traditional classroom.

The ISOVLE is powered by an array of features that are highly customizable, extensible allowing teachers to build virtual class room based on their individual needs. 

It is built with Moodle, a complete learning platform developed for teachers by teachers to provide educators, administrators and students with single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. To know more about Moodle, please visit this link.

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