What is Just in Time Teaching (JiTT)?
Dr Siva Kumar

JiTT is an innovative pedagogic strategy with a goal of increasing student's learning, enhancing motivation and encouraging preparation. This method encourages students to prepare for class and allow teacher to fine-tune in classroom to meet actual needs of the students.

The philosophy of JiTT

The features of JiTT include: 

  • It is a student centered teaching method where students are encouraged to play a more active role in the teaching process.
  • Developed by Gregor Novak et al. (from Purdue Univerisity), JiTT relies on a feedback loop between VLE-based learning materials and the classroom.
  • It helps to uncover student misconceptions, provide examples for classroom activities, extend textbook/classroom learning, and develop disciplinary skills.

At ISM this is incorporated through series of JiTT worksheets. These are interactive self-assessments where students are given immediate, detailed question/option specific feedbacks. 

Students are encouraged to take these self-assessments before actual class. Teachers will be able to deliver class based on the gaps and difficulties observed by the students while attempting the JiTT worksheets.

For Teachers Reference: