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Announcement: Lingua Laureate 2019

Announcement: Lingua Laureate 2019

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Lingua Laureate 2019

We Indian School Bousherians are profusely elated to host  Lingua Laureate 2019 to recognize students with the overall caliber in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Creative Thinking and celebrate linguistic proficiency in them by conferring ‘LINGUA LAUREATE 2019’ awards.

The events are framed based on the categories; Medium, Intermediate and Advanced.

The contestants will be judged on their creativity, structure, expression, adherence to topic, Grammar, Wow factor, audience appeal, degree of difficulty, worthwhile message, gestures, clarity, emotions, diction, pronunciation, calligraphy and overall performance. The decision of the judges will be final and abiding without any further review.

  • Medium                          Grade 7 and 8
  • Intermediate                 Grade 9 and 10
  • Advanced                      Grade 11 and 12

Important Dates:

  • Registration Opens:                                                      22nd September, 2019
  • Last date of Registration  :                                             06th October, 2019
  • Validation of Registered Candidates:                        20th October, 2019          
  • Online screening Test :                                                       26th October, 2019
  • Announcement of 25 Shortlisted Finalists:                     3rd November, 2019
  • Final Event (Live) ast ISB:                                            23rd / 30th November/ 7th Dec, 2019


Online  - Preliminary Round

  • NEWS – O – MATIC                   

    • ACTIVE LISTENING                    
    • CATEGORY :1                   HARRY POTTER SERIES
    • CATEGORY: 2                   R.K. NARAYAN & RUSKIN BOND
    • CATEGORY: 3                   SHAKESPEARE IN BITS - MACBETH

1.     GRAMMAR BEYOND ESSENTIALS: -  ‘Avoid Common Mistakes’, help contestants to identify and correct the most commonly made errors to develop self-editing skills. Understand the form, meaning and usage of each grammar point in Medium, Intermediate and Advanced test levels and correct the errors.

2.     NEWS – O – MATIC: Test your knowledge of prominent people and major events by applying language skills. The contest will test the knowledge of the contestants in the following broad areas: - General Knowledge, Technical Knowledge, Culture and Heritage of Oman, Sports, Current Affairs and Science and Nature.

3.     ACTIVE LISTENING: Active listening requires the listener to fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said. Answer the questions based on the audio file.


1.     From definition: Definition of a word will be given from a list of options find the word that best matches the definition.

2.     To Definition: A word will be given. From a list of options find the definition that best matches the word.

3.     Antonyms / Synonyms: A word will be given from a list of options. Find the word that is closest either as synonym or antonym of the given word.


1.     Para Jumbles and sentence arrangement.

2.     Read the jumbled transcript of paragraph or sentence and sequence the plot appropriately by rearranging it.


•       Category – Medium

  • HARRY POTTER SERIES - Test your knowledge with Harry Potter series, which covers plot point, characters and theme.
  • Answer the quiz in given time.

•       Category – Intermediate

    • R.K. NARAYAN and RUSKIN BOND Books
    • Test your knowledge with Famous Writers and their numerous works.
    • Answer the quiz in given time.

•       Category – Advance

    • Test your knowledge with Macbeth quiz, which covers plot point, characters and theme.
    • Answer the quiz in given time.








  • LISTEN AND DRAFT (WRITTEN) :  Listen to the audio file and transcribe it word to word (pen down the context) The participant who writes the closest to the original will win an almost unique score. The transcript will be judged by the following criteria: Legible Handwriting, Correct spellings, Accuracy, Punctuation and  Coherence.
  • AESTHETIC CREATIVE WRITING AND CRITICAL THINKING: Create and write a very short facet of contemporary life, with critical thinking about any issue in a different way or from a new perspective, to make effective and efficient solution. Write a script for street play OR stage play to resolve the problems. The script should be written for more than one actor with a running time of not more than 10 minutes. The synopsis of the playwright is a must. JUDGEMENT CRITERIA:
    •  Clarity and originality of expression
    •  Presentation and development
    • Structure
    • Matters of convention – Consideration of correctness of mechanics (Spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar)
    • Matters of choice : The genre and theme will be announced on the spot.
  • TWIST IN THE TALE : Time is 3-5 minutes, plus or minus 30 seconds. Contestants have to whittle down the story to the most important points. TALE will be drawn by picking lots ON THE SPOT and 3 minutes will be allotted for preparation. Judgement criteria: Surprise factor, Effective plot twist, Fluency, Standard Genre and Audience Appeal.
  • PHRASE BUILDER : Contestants pick up random phrase or idiom to build up a sentence used in day to day life. Different scenarios will be displayed, the contestants build up their own innovative phrases and associate it with figurative meaning. Judgement Criteria : Logical approach, Semantic and structural expressions and Multi word and ready made expressions.
  • MONOLOGUE: -The contestants will deliver the monologue picking the lots on the spot. Duration of 5 minutes will be given to develop the character. Judgement Criteria: Characterization, Movement, Tempo and Rhythm, Projection and vocal variety, Focal Point, Emotions and Overall Performance.
  •  VERS – E- STYLE (POETRY): - The contestants choose a poem to recite from memory, using all the theatrical skills. Time limit is six (6) minutes minimum to seven (7) minutes maximum. The VERS-E-STYLE with a masterpiece will gain a unique score. Judgement Criteria: -Accuracy, Choice of the poem, Voice and articulation, Expression and memory, Fluency and Clarity.

 Contact Details

 Host School

Indian School Bousher,

Post Box Number 2886, Postal Code - 130

Way Number: 9785, Plot no: 365,

Al Awabi, Near Lulu Logistics, Al Ansab,

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Event Coordinator

Ms. Sophia B

Mobile: +968 9143 2268

Email ID:


Event Manager

Assistant Vice Principal

Ms Smitha Nediya Perambath

Mobile: +968 90695268

Email ID:


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